Monday, January 25, 2010

Rough start

Well, I'm certainly off to a rough start. My right Achilles tendon has been bothering me a bit, and now it feels like it was set on fire, after yesterdays snowshoe run. And, I jinxed myself badly yesterday, as well. Ginger asked me whether I have ever had hamstring problems from running, and I said, "Never!" Now, what do you think hurts right now?
As Ray from Car Talk would say, "Boy oh boy"!

Well, I'm taking today off because I have two runs tomorrow. I've got a run with Boise dog, and then a run with Magic and Arrow (their owner must be a fantasy novel fan) right afterward.
Had four bananas, an apple, a green smoothie, three slices of raw pizza, an orange, and a coconut Lara bar, so far today.

Yeah, so a two hour run tomorrow with fast dogs. Maybe, because of the rain, the trails will be cleared of snow. Which is not necessarily a good thing, because when I take a spill while running two dogs quickly; it's nice to land on the soft snow.

Thanks to Marie-Lies for that pizza crust recipe, again! Yum!

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