Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I want to apologize for how boring my blog looks. My 11 year old daughter was making fun it the other day. I know it's not the most beautiful, but the truth is, I don't really know how to make it much better. She offered to help, but I'm afraid with her help, I'll have pictures of horses and penguins all over the place.
I was thinking the other day, actually most days, of how blessed I am. And, one of the ways I am truly blessed is being a part of the vegan raw community. Nothing in my life besides my family has brought me so much joy. And, although I don't personally know many of you out there, I feel a great connection to all of you. I also believe, most raw vegans are incredibly compassionate, spiritual people, filled with loving kindness.
I just wanted to say, thank you, for all the nutrition information, the inspiring stories, the great recipes, your love for the environment, and your love for all humanity and the non-human animals in the world. You are all beautiful people.
And, if my blog is about us, then it must be beautiful too.
Sort of.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Winter Training

Hi, a brief check in just to say how things are going this winter, training wise. I have been engaged in a training program for a half marathon in April.
I have never run a race longer than a 10K, so I'm a bit intimidated. And, I have never done the mileage in training that I am doing right now to get in shape for such a race. In fact, yesterday I ran 14 miles. And, I did that on a tread mill! I must be insane!! Plus, I haven't run 14 miles since 1985!
In fact, almost all of my training has been on the tread mill this winter. As much as it sucks not to be outside, I have gained a lot by working out this way: 1) I have never been good at keeping a steady pace, which this training has taught me to do. 2) It keeps me honest. When you set a goal, you set the speed, and you do the run. 3) Negative splits and tempo work are easy to orchestrate on a tread mill.
On the other hand, this winter's training hasn't been all that easy. Last week, I felt a little burnt out, and didn't come close to the training I wanted to do, but this week I feel pretty good; and so I'm off to a good start.
I still weigh more than I should at 157, but I'm optimistic that I can get down to where I need to be.
A couple of weeks ago, I got down to 153, and thought I was on my way to 150, but alas, the mind and it's insecurities took over and I went back to 157.
I am going to try to incorporate more yoga in the up-coming months. I used to go to yoga class every day, but it has been difficult work-wise to find the time with the training. Still, I think it would benefit me tremendously emotionally and spiritually to find my practice again.
I think it would be amazing to incorporate the raw vegan diet, yoga, and race training all together. The thought of it gives me chills.
Thanks to you who care enough to read this, and many blessings.