Thursday, January 28, 2010

Looking Good Running

The ankle feels a little bit better today, so I don't think this injury is going to last very long. Thank goodness, goddess, whatever! In fact, by the end of the day I was walking normally. Well, normally for me. On a side note, people who have distinctive walks, do you think they practice that? I've always kind of wondered. It reminds me of a Richard Pryor joke. He said that he couldn't fight so he developed a cool run. The joke goes something like this: " Oh, there's Richard running away from that guy who wants to give him a beating...but he looks cool".
Running fast can come in handy like that. I remember, my sophomore year in high school, my friend Danny told one of the biggest kids in our school (as a practical joke) that I was flirting with his girl friend. So, this huge kid finds me, and then begins to tell me that he's going to kick my ass all over the place. In my mind I'm thinking: "Can I take him in a fight? Probably not. But, can he catch me if I run? Definitely not!" Pride aside, I saved myself from some pain that day!!
There are cool runners. Very fast cool runners, in fact. Usain Bolt, can't be any cooler, could he, Fellow mountain racer Jim Johnson, I think, has a cool run. So does Tim Van Orden. Me, I don't know. I don't think I have any videos of me, running. Which is probably a good thing.
Anyway, if I can get a run in after this weekend, I'll be a very happy boy!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Well, I tried to run yesterday, and hurt my achilles even more. This really sucks because on top of not running for myself, I can't run with the dogs either. I had to tell my clients (dogs) human companions that I have to take a week off from running. At least I'm hopeful that it will only be a week, but realistically it could be more.

I saw on facebook that Siobhan Archey and Berkshires Nautilus has started a running group, of sorts. I'm not sure what it will look like, but I really like the idea. If we can promote running from a strong running community, it will help motivate people to get moving. Hopefully, I can contribute something to this cause.

So, here's a beautiful picture from our beautiful Berkshires. I'm going to be praying that I can get back on those trails again real soon.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Rough start

Well, I'm certainly off to a rough start. My right Achilles tendon has been bothering me a bit, and now it feels like it was set on fire, after yesterdays snowshoe run. And, I jinxed myself badly yesterday, as well. Ginger asked me whether I have ever had hamstring problems from running, and I said, "Never!" Now, what do you think hurts right now?
As Ray from Car Talk would say, "Boy oh boy"!

Well, I'm taking today off because I have two runs tomorrow. I've got a run with Boise dog, and then a run with Magic and Arrow (their owner must be a fantasy novel fan) right afterward.
Had four bananas, an apple, a green smoothie, three slices of raw pizza, an orange, and a coconut Lara bar, so far today.

Yeah, so a two hour run tomorrow with fast dogs. Maybe, because of the rain, the trails will be cleared of snow. Which is not necessarily a good thing, because when I take a spill while running two dogs quickly; it's nice to land on the soft snow.

Thanks to Marie-Lies for that pizza crust recipe, again! Yum!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Goal Setting

All right, here we go. I'm going to set down some goals here that will apply for the rest of the year; nothing out of range, just goals I can achieve if everything lines up correctly. But, of course, you know as well as I do, that nothing lines up "correctly" in this world. So, I'll be excited to see what transpires out of these goals, but I'll be open minded and open hearted enough to know that they will not come about the way I have planned.

1) 99% raw vegan, and get down to 145 pounds, by the summer. No promises about coffee.

2) Plant a garden. (Have never done it, believe it or not.)

3) Blog everyday to stay accountable.

4) Qualify for the Boston Marathon.

5) Run under 17 minutes for a 5K.

6) No wine or beer. Going to be drinking a lot of herbal tea, and green smoothies!!

7) Do push ups every day. (That would be a first).

8) Do the little things to make Berkshires Dog Runner a success.

9) Live life as an activist.

10) Live in the moment filled with gratitude.

As, Jean-Luc Picard said, "Make it so". Hahaha! :)