Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Well, remember the goals I set for myself, just about a week ago? Let's just say I haven't really begun to implement them, yet. Good intentions, yes. Good execution, not so much.
Not all of it is my fault. My achilles tendon has been a huge issue for me, and I don't know if it's going to resolve itself without me shutting down my running for a good six weeks or so. I don't know if I can run, and heal at the same time.
And, let me be honest about how this injury came about, because I have been a big proponent of the product that helped facilitate this injury. And, that is the Vibram 5 Finger barefoot running "shoes".
The problem is, you can't just go out and run ten miles in the Vibrams' You have to build up mileage very slowly because our bodies are no longer conditioned to run as they were meant to run.
Of course, after reading, "Born to Run" I got very excited about running barefoot, and I didn't hear from anyone (especially the author) that one should take this kind of running slowly. So I paid the price. And, it might ruin my running year.
Now, I still believe in the concept and would love to just run with naked feet someday, but it's not going to happen for me, for quite some time.
So, I recommend the Vibrams', but just take it slowly!!

Some of the other goals have nothing to do with running, so I'll tell you how those goals are going next time.