Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Meet Up Group

Hey Everyone, Tim VanOrden my wife Ginger and I have formed a raw vegan meetup group for the Berkshires of Ma., southern Vermont, and Albany NY area. This is going to be a fun group. Sure we'll have pot-lucks, but we also plan to do other fun and exciting things, as well. I would love to meet as many raw vegan friends as I can, so if you're in the area be sure to drop by at one of our meetups.


earthmother said...

Hey Michael! I sent someone your way — a young woman who's going to be working at Kripalu for the summer. Her name's April and she's a high raw vegan. Not sure what department she'll land in, but I told her to seek you out in the kitchen. Lucky her, you're starting a raw meet-up! Perfect timing.

RawBodyGoddess said...

I would love to find out about your meet up...I am a huge fan of Tim VanOrden as I am a raw vegan runner! Will you be posting the meetus here?

michael menard said...

Hi earthmother and RawBodyGoddess,
Yes, I am looking forward to meeting, April. I have been to her blog site, it is fantastic!
To join the Meetup group just go to the "Meetup" website and sign up! It will be great to meet you:)