Monday, March 23, 2009

Me Man Very Smart

I'm dealing with my first runner's injury: tendinitis in my ankle. Consequently, I have had to take three days off from running. I had planned to run a 5k race this coming weekend, and have already payed for it, so I am hopeful that I'll be good enough to go.
I am icing, and believe it or not,even stretching to help the ankle. I read that this particular injury needs proper rest or it can become a chronic problem. So, in my warped world, three days is proper rest. We'll see.

I wanted to write about a story in the news I read the other day. It was about a caged monkey in a zoo that stored up rocks in the morning to throw at people later in the day. Now the geniuses in the science & news world were amazed that this monkey was able to plan his rock throwing idea ahead of time.
Hundreds of thousands of years living with monkeys on this planet, and they think that's a discovery? Boy, you know we are out of touch with nature and our natural world when this is news.
My basset hound knows when I leave for work in the morning so he can get on the couch. And, he knows what time my wife wakes up so he can jump off. A miracle!!!
Of course, they never asked: "What could be upsetting this monkey?"
I don't know, maybe he doesn't want to live the rest of his life caged and exploited!!!
Maybe this little playground they built for him doesn't come remotely close to the life he should be living. Maybe after throwing his feces at passersby for a long time, he finally thought, "I'm going to throw something heavier at these meatballs, they don't seem to get it!"
They've probably already honored his ingenuity by dissecting his brain.
Lord help us.

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