Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another "Raw Family"

I know the book "Raw Family" already exists, but I should tell you about the wonderful healing that has occurred in my family. When I started this living-raw food diet on June 18th 2007, I just wanted to see how it would make me feel. The miraculous cures and health claims made me very skeptical, but I thought that I should see for myself before dismissing them out-right. I wasn't sick, as far as I know, though I was sixty pounds overweight. I challenged other members of my family to join me, as well. My wife was sick all the time, had migraine headaches on a weekly basis, and had a medicine chest full of prescription drugs. My Mother has type 1 diabetes, and although she takes great care of herself; her cholesterol level was higher than she wanted, we wondered whether she could reduce the amount of insulin she was taking, and in a separate issue, she had a chronic sinus problem. My Father, always a lean man, started to get the late fifties mid-section that most people just accept with getting older. And finally, my sister was about to go into surgery to get a cyst removed that was about to explode. You know what's coming: My Father and I lost the weight; my wife doesn't experience migraines anymore, and is almost completely off all her medications, my Mother's cholesterol levels are normal, she has reduced the amount of insulin she was taking, and the sinus problem vanished in one week. And, when my sister went to go for her surgery, the cyst was gone. So, my one month experiment is now my way of life. I'd have to be a fool to go back to sickening cooked food again.

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