Sunday, February 10, 2008

Butt to Head to Head to Hand

Yesterday as I was sitting on a chair with little cushion, my rear-end was getting soar. No big deal that happens to every one, you just adjust your position and forget about it. But as my mind made a connection to my butt, I looked at my hand, at a place I had cut myself in the bakery a few days ago. And, of course, instantly I could feel my hand, and how it felt. I wash my hands all day because I work with food, and it is winter, so my hands are a bit dry and there are some cracks where the knuckles are. Then I thought, where did the feeling go from my rear-end? Then I thought of somewhere else on my body, and made a feeling connection to that spot. Now I was no-longer feeling my hands.
It is amazing that the observer, "The Mind" only makes a singular focus, for the most part. And this might seem like a big "duh" to many people, but it is a profound experience. Because this is the key to all our preceptions, our decisions, and our understandings of the world: WHAT WE CHOOSE TO FOCUS ON CREATES OUR WORLD! So, obviously, if you focus on negative thoughts, and live in the past you will suffer from depression, regrets and hopelessness, evreybody already knows that, but our reality goes beyond keeping a positive out-look on life, because we choose and control the physical and spiritual world we see. The feelings in our body are a physical reality, as our the images that come through our eyes, the sounds through are ears etc. And in our brain we make the connection to these objects and assign a feeling to them from our past experiences. Our brain sends out the message to the whole body on one single idea in our head. When we look at someone. When we are watching t.v., and reacting emotionaly to a world of illusion. Our palms might sweat, we might get goose-bumbs, the hairs on the back of our neck stand up. Every cell in our body is responding to each thought we think. And in doing so, the mind is createing a physical emotional reality in the world we see. So, think peace-filled loving thoughts, and make peace a reality. If everyone did this, this world would be a paradise.

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