Monday, October 12, 2009

"every little things, gonna be all right"

I hardly know where to begin. My life in the past two months has been a roller coaster ride: from separation, to moving plans to another state, to new job, to girlfriend, to no job, to no girlfriend, to not moving, to not having a place to live at the end of the month. And, I'm trying to navigate all of this with a positive attitude, a smile on my face, and faith that the universe has a plan for me that is greater than the one I was trying to manifest; because that plan has completely crashed to the ground. Which brings me to my favorite phrase: God laughs at our plans.
OK, because this is mostly a running and raw foods blog I'll swiftly move to those topics. The good news is my running is getting better and better! DON'T ASK ME HOW!! Before my meltdown, and after the mountain series, I was putting in a lot of good training for the Rochester Marathon. I was running about 70 to 80 miles a week. The training was intense, and I was getting very good results. In fact, I ran a 8 mile mountain race up MT Greylock, and beat Tim VanOrden by thirty seconds or so. (Sorry to mention that, Tim)
I thought I could run the marathon in about 2hr 45min. But,in the last two months because of everything I was trying to navigate, plus stress etc., my training has been spotty at best. But, I have run two 5k races in the past three weeks and Pr's both times. In fact, in this past Sunday's race, I ran the first mile at 5:07. That's a PR for a mile by about 12 seconds!?!
And it gets weirder as I have gained some weight, my diet hasn't been all that great, and I have never slept less. This is the new training method I should submit to a running magazine: BLOW YOUR LIFE TO HELL AND GET FASTER IN TWO MONTHS!!.
Oh, and here is the better news: I won money for both of those races! Actual money, not a mug, not a little trophy, but real money. Life is good, right?
Anyway, thanks for hanging in there while I have been distracted, and thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers you have sent my way.
"Don't Worry, Be Happy"


RawBodyGoddess said...

Ah, yes. Train less, get really stressed and eat crappy...SCORE! PR! Yep...been there, done that. I don't recommend you try to maintain that, but oddly, it does work for a while :)

So...does this mean you are going to be sticking around? If you are looking for housing, jobs, me if you'd like...I might be able to help you out.

Beyond that...sending vibes and prayers your way. A door is never shut without a window opening...

annainanna said...
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annainanna said...

hey, i admire your dedication... " either we sit by the river or we are in it.. we only have to jump into the river once " i remember hwo shared that with me... and you are deffinately in the flow... I just wanna share casue i just got to know the amazing story about a woman 25 years ago who travelled in india and all of her travelling money in cash for an entire year of travelling in asia got stolen...including the ticket back home... She didnt have anything but with the help of friends on the road managed her way down to Puna to study for BKS Iyengar. She had to stay there for a year to work to get some money to get back home... Eventually she became one of swedens most famous yogateachers... The anti-dose in life can be the turn towards freedom! You know that already... Blessings to the bakery Bhodisattva

michael menard said...

Thanks for that great story! So many times in life, what we think of as troubles, turn out to be blessings. I truly believe that.