Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just an update on how my first few races have gone. On Thanksgiving in the, WMAC Turkey Trot, I placed third overall, and first in my age group (40-49) with a 5k time of 18:48. The next weekend I ran in the Mayor Mary Higgens' Hot Chocolate run in Northampton, Ma, another 5k, with a time of 18:31. In the Northampton race, I placed 28Th out of over 1,300 runners. Not bad, considering I have only yet begun.
It was a little weird getting up to the starting line at last weekends race, because they have markings for where you should start based upon the time you think you will run. And I was right up front with all the competitive racers. I felt proud, and thought to myself, If I keep the training up, next year I can come back and win this.
How's that for cockiness?
And of course, as soon as you feel invincible, the universe brings you right back to earth. Because, two days a later I got back spasms, and consequently, I haven't run all week. It was my fault. I felt so good after the race, I didn't stretch, get a massage or anything. Now I'm laid up.
Anyway, my race last weekend was interesting, as I'm still learning, week to week, what to expect from myself. I started out slow, thinking my adrenaline and the other runners would drive me to run a fast first mile. That wasn't the case as I ran a slow, 6:12. first mile. Well, I knew then that I had to put it into another gear, and so my second mile was 6:00 minutes flat. Now, knowing I only have a little more than a mile to go, I start running a bit faster, running at 5:48 for the third mile.
Taking twelve seconds off each mile tells me I could have run a better race, and perhaps I could have run to a faster time; but, I am very pleased at where I am.
Now, I just have to get back out there before I go crazy sitting around on the couch with my heating pad.

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