Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Foraging! here was my first thought on the concept of foraging: "You have to be the cheapest person in the world!" Now, here is my opinion today: "Out there in the woods is the healthiest food in the world!"
Almost every thing we eat in a typical U.S. diet is: pasteurized, hybridized, radiated, poisoned, genetically modified, and chemically altered. If you go into any U.S. grocery store, and buy anything but the organic products, (not to say that all the organics are good for you either) you are ingesting the worst drugs (food) you can put into your body. We should call grocery stores, Drug Stores, not just for the reasons I've mentioned above, but the food/drugs they sell are a quick fix to feel good. Their products are filled with carbohydrates, high fructose corn syrup, too much sodium etc., to give you the feeling of being full, and the feeling of being full-filled. But, like any other drug, you're going to crash and burn. I am not making a mistake calling food, drugs, here. There is no difference! The problem with the food/drugs the doctors give you is that you are already sick by the time they give it to you. And, the food they give you treats, what? The symptoms of your disease, which is poor nutrition, poor environmental conditions and/or a poor self image.
This summer I'm going to look for the wild plants that surround us. The first, wonderful thing about foraging, as I mentioned before is, the food is free. That speaks for itself. The second wonderful thing about foraging is, the plants have not been altered, ever! They evolved because they are strong, and all the nutrients we need are out there, in those unspoiled plants.
There are a couple of things to think about, though. Be sure you're not foraging on a super-fund sight, and be sure, if you're foraging in a city, state or federal park, be aware of people with badges and guns. Of course it would be wrong to dig up our parks, but gathering some blueberries shouldn't be a crime. I know their argument: If you let people forage, they're going to take advantage of it and, destroy the park. Trust me, in this culture, you are never going to find enough people performing the more difficult task of foraging to eat. Just don't take all of the blueberries, all right. And, save some for the bears and birds.

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